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Industry News / March 23

Covid-19 – Business continuity solutions in the age of uncertainty

The coronavirus (COVID-19) is wreaking havoc around the world. It is now recognised as a global pandemic. Businesses in South Africa and across the world are forced to learn about this novel virus and adapt quickly. The health and wellbeing of employees is paramount and so is business continuity.

Uncertainties faced by businesses of all sizes include obligations of employees to their employers following restrictions on movements; the responsibilities of employers for the health and wellbeing of their employees and the inability of companies to meet contractual obligations due to circumstances beyond their control.

Our business is not immune from these challenges. We are learning and adapting quickly so that we remain available to assist you to navigate this period of business uncertainty.

We have been hard at work providing advice and guidance on novel questions arising from the spread of the coronavirus pandemic in South Africa. We also continue to provide normal business law solutions to you because the wheels of business in South Africa are as resilient as its people and will never be grinded to a halt.

Our robust information technology systems and document management solutions enable us to work remotely with the same efficiency and responsiveness that you have become accustomed to without compromising information security and confidentiality. Whilst our offices remain open, albeit with some restrictions, we conduct and hold necessary meetings virtually to promote your safety and ours.

We trust that you will stay safe and well during this difficult time and practice social distancing to the extent necessary. Our health depends on yours and yours on ours.

“Bad things happen and good things too…So taste your grief to the fullest.
It is life too…But it will pass and time will put a strange honey in the bitterness.
That’s the way life goes.”
– Ben Okri.